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Practice Areas

We are a general practice.we are able to attend to your needs.
Detailed below are some of our more specialized operating areas.
Apprehended Violence Orders


An Apprehended Violence Oder Summons can only be issued by a Local Court Registrar or Magistrate. Most are issued at the request of Police.

If a defendant is convicted  of a criminal offence committed in circumstances of domestic violence, magistrates are obliged by law to make apprehended violence orders for the protection of the victim, in addition to the penalty imposed for the offence.

However, anyone can apply for the issue of the summons, on reasonable grounds.

We take instructions on applying and defending the summons.


Driving Matters

If you have issues in respect of Driver's license, we take instructions on such matters.


Issues in respect of your driver's license should not be taken lightly.


Family Law


We take instructions in Family Law and De Facto Relationships matters, whether in respect of children's matters or property settlements.


We recommend the parties attend a Dispute Resolution Conference, and enter into Consent Orders, as cost effective measures.


We take instructions on court proceedings if necessary.


Alcohol & DUI


Driving with a Prescribed Content of Alcohol, or Driving Under the Influence of drugs attracts severe penalties in serious breaches of the law.


We take instructions from defendants to assist them in such matters.


Criminal Law


We take instructions in Local Court criminal matters.


If available to you, we take instructions on a Legal Aid basis.


We will defend prosecutions, or assist defendants in respect of pleas of guilty, and on sentencing issues.





Other Matters


We take instructions for:

  • compensation claims,

  • motor vehicle property damage claims,

  • victims services claims and

  • other litigation matters


We can provide further information on request.

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